We introduce you to the “precious” Amalfi Coast, a wealth of flowers, rocks caressed by sunlight and the wide open sea.


Rent a Villa and let you be wrapped in the daily italian lifestyle. Cleanliness, comfort and privacy are the hallmarks of our homes in Italy. We work with all budgets to satisfy your needs.


Campania is the place for sultry beaches and the glamour of the good life. It is also a cradle of Italian food. The home of pizza, mozzarella, spaghetti, limoncello, so much goodness that you absolutely must visit it !


We provide unparalleled backstage access to hidden treasures. Whether you are looking to thank employees or impress clients, we are here to make you sure your corporate event is a success.

Eat Italy

Your on-demand personal chef service in Italy. We will come to you for maximum comfort during your holidays in the chosen villa or apartment.

Drink Italy

It’s time to experience the true essence of AmalfiCoast. The lemon groves of the Coast will enchant anyone who dreamed of visiting this magical place.

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