Drink Italy


Limoncello tour

It’s time to experience the true essence of AmalfiCoast. The lemon groves of the Coast will enchant anyone who dreamed of visiting this magical place. Being an integral part of it’s landscape, the powerful yellow color of this fruits as well as its size have made it its particularity and popularity.

Limoncello is the pride and joy of Italy’s Campania. True farmers will tell you their story and their hard work to maintain them. The AmalfiCoast tree is incredibly strong. It grows on poor soil on steep hillsides.


Wine Tour

Our experts are hand picked. You will be dealing with people who are enthousiasts for their region and territory.

More than a mere visit, we promise to provide you with the opportunity to discover their heritage.

Have a walk between the vineyards, taste the fresh grapes and follow our experts to the cellars. You will see all the winemaking process while enjoying a varied tasting.

Escape the crowds and do something different. Our comfortable, air-conditioned van will bring you around so you just have to sit at the back and relax…

I almost forgot.. CHEERS !
• Private tour or small group
• Bi-lingual guide
• Lunch and wine included