Unique, exclusive
and unobtainable

We collaborate with the best suppliers, caterers, drivers, restaurants. Our mission is to enhance your day to day lives.

Our company is the cream of the crop, the best of the best when it comes to white-glove service and an anything-goes-get-it-done attitude. We aime to get a taste of your taste and build a mutual trust that allows us to know what you want before you do.

The founder

A tailor made assistance

Amelia Giannarelli, founder of the Amelia Concierge, studied hospitality and tourism in all its forms. Born in Switzerland, it is with precision, attention to detail and time that she grew up.

After several trips and many experiences related to Luxury, she decided to found her own company. She says «when we choose a job that we like and that the contact with our customers brings us satisfaction, we will never have to work a single day in our lives».

She will work closely with you to give her expert advice, to understand your needs and handle all the logistics. She believes that not two holidays should be created the same.