Eat Italy


Personal Chef at Home

Your on-demand personal chef service in Italy. We will come to you for maximum comfort during your holidays in the chosen villa or apartment.

Treat yourself to the luxury of having nothing to think about and above all invite whoever you want!

• Fresh ingredients
• No stress
• Clean work

1. Select what you want to eat

2. Schedule the time

3. Sit back and relax


Cooking class

When traveling to Italy, one of the things that will surprise you the most is food. Food is like a culture and is one of the most important point for locals.

Traditions remain and are passed down from generation to generation.

They keep the habit of doing everything by hands, like fresh pasta, tomato sauce,...

During our cooking classes :

Smell the fresh products coming directly from the garden

Touch with your hands and prepare them by yourself following instructions of a real italian

Share a good lunch with your family and group by tasting what you have prepared



Are you looking for a good restaurant and don’t know which one to choose ?

Just tell me your wish and I will find what comes closest to it. We work with all kinds of restaurants offering varied menus with fresh products. From a simple pizza Margherita to a lobster, there is only one step…

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