Through a glass of wine

Today we look at a particular job that requires a lot of passion and knowledge, the one of a sommelier. Natascia, who will take you to discover exclusive wine canteens and explain their entire creative process, is a smiling, available and committed person! What do you think of being tempted by a picnic in the vineyards while testing a good glass of wine ?

A brief presentation of you

Hi, my name is Natascia Sole I live in Avellino a city in Campania near the Amalfi Coast. I have a degree in law but I decided to follow my passion: wine! I am a sommelier and I started 5 years ago to organise private events and wine tour in my land, rich of wineries and excellent wines, as well as on boat or in private villas in the Amalfi Coast. My wine experiences are unique, tailored on the tastes and needs of my clients so that they can live an unforgettable experience!

What are the main qualities to have in this profession of sommelier?

Well, one for sure is a really deep knowledge of wine in order to explain and suggest to the client and then a good nose! Just by smelling a wine you understand a lot of things about it.

Being a sommelier also means constant learning, how do you manage your time?

Yes, it is always a learning process. Every wine has a unique story so I learn all the time something new about the winemaking process, aging process style tecnique. I try to study and attend courses, masterclass or events especially in the evening when I have time.

Your favorite wine for an aperitif with friends ?

I am a huge lover of Champagne, so for me it is always time for it especially for an aperitif. If you want to go with something italian we can say a Franciacorta or a Trento doc!

Do you think that the older we get, the more we like wine ?

Wine is a fascinating world. Everyone wants to learn something about it I think that in this period especially young people are always more and more interesting in it.

An anecdote to tell us about your work ?

There are a few but you can’t go wrong when you drink wine you always feel fine!

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