And so, the adventure begins

The profession of a wedding planner is a profession apart. It’s hard to understand their ability to make everything magical. To create from nothing, a day shaped to the millimeter according to the wishes of the bride and groom. We often wonder where this passion is born and why. Events can be the most beautiful but also the most stressful field. Personally I love it and like to learn how to manage stress on a daily basis. Today we turn our gaze to Emma Bifulco, one of the most radiant wedding planner who will tell us a few lines about this lifestyle choice. Whether in Switzerland or Italy, we will arrange, with the Amelia Concierge team, a unique wedding that suits you. It’s time to dream.

Can you introduce yourself ?

Ciao! It’s Emma and I’m 100% Italian! I love to discover different culture and I love dealing with one of the most happy Moment in families life. That is why, 10 years ago I found my boutique destination wedding planning company based on the Amalfi coast!

Where did Emma events come from?
All started by a pure coincidence!
It was a very hard and changing time of my life, both personal and work life. I left a company I was working with, moving from one place to Sorrento where I didn’t had any contact; it was hard to put order in my life! I literally didn’t know from where to re start again to arrange what I had at this time. During this period, I used to read a lot, especially newspaper and one day I read something about Destination Wedding and how popular it was to get married in Sorrento from couple coming from abroad.
Thanks to my international experience, due to my studies, travels and work around the world, I decided to turn to the wedding destination in Italy and to understand it more closely. It goes without saying that if I’m telling you about it 10 years later, it’s because that’s what matched my wishes.

Which element is the most stressful during the preparation and then during the ceremony?
The beginning of the planning process with couple is the most stressful especially because it is the time in which we start to knowing each other and we build the trust to work together. Over the months, we work very precisely on the schedule for the day. On the day of the wedding, it is extremely important to be there to ensure that everything goes according to plan. This is what makes everything stressful because there are always unforeseen events and it is up to us to manage.
The goal is always that the bride and groom do not feel what we happens and reassure them all the day long.

What are the fundamental characteristics to have to be a wedding planner?
Most of the couples never been in the area and are not confident with a different culture. There are so many unknowns and they have the courage to plan such a special day from afar! I found the most important characteristic is to be emphatic and professional and to be very transparent about the costs so that the couple is confident and there are no surprises. We must always be very free to exchange with the couple so that they too can send us their ideas in an atmosphere of trust.

The bond with your land?

I was born and raised in Italy although I had the opportunity to study and work abroad for many years. Then I decided to go back to my roots because I love my culture, my city and I missed it a lot. Italy reminded me.

You attend a lot of weddings each year, is there still emotion or is it becoming a habit?
Believe it or not, I always cry during the walking down the aisle, it’s impossible to get used to such a beautiful emotional moment 🙂 ❤️

Your favorite song for a romantic arrival?
There so many songs and it is very hard to choose only one! I think the best are the one that have a deep meaning for the couple as it makes the moment even more romantic.

A crazy request you remember?
There aren’t crazy requests when you plan a wedding afar from home! To plan a destination wedding means also to get in touch with a different culture and what is crazy for me can be normal to another person; I always try to understand the reasons behind and try to deliver what couple expect.

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