Marisol Caravatti

My fashion world 

Marisol Caravatti speaks to us with an open heart about her life, her choices and feelings.

A brief presentation of you

“I am born and raised in New York where I grew up with influence from my family in the arts, such as fashion and architecture. I attended a Fashion school, worked in the fashion and the beauty industry and then arrived in my early 20’s in Europe.”

What reason led you to do the job you do today?

“Growing up I was sensitive to my own personal image. I realized how it may affect positively or negatively ones social interactions. I decided I wanted to help people feel good about themselves, gaining in confidence and contributing to improved communication.”

The positive sides of your work and the negative ones ?

“A positive thing about my work is that I see people open up due to the benefits of improving their image. A negative thing is that I realize that some of my clients were not valued as a child. This in turn affects their self confidence negatively as adults.”

Your life philosophy?

“My philosophy in life is to genuinely give love , your time and share with others because it does contribute to a more fulfilled life and ones happiness.

You have certainly traveled a lot in your life, which is the country that suits you the most ?

This would be difficult to answer with just one country. I would say that the country where I decided to make my home, Switzerland, suits me well. I also love the dynamic in the United States. Specifically New York where I was born and raised. Therefore I can say I’m lucky that I’ve lived in two countries that suited me so well.

An anecdote to tell us about your 

In my everyday work whether I’m styling for a fashion magazine or an individual client, I realized that there are so many different styles that each one should be respected. Today there is no longer right or wrong. Everyone may express themselves how they wish through the clothes they wear.

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