Giardino della Minerva

What a surprise to discover the Giardino della Minerva when you see below a big city like Salerno. Immersed in the green and with a spectacular view on the sea, this garden promises a very wide discovery of plants and fruits. And guess what, I even crossed the road of a turtle that had made this place, its natural habitat.

The third floor offers a passage under lemon trees. If you have time to read their particularity, they are the very essence of the Amalfi Coast. An explanatory video on the benefits of the plants present as well as their exact origin is offered in the entrance room. The bar also offers a variety of tea made from dried flowers.

Entrance fee : 3 euro per person

Estimated visit time : ~ 1 hour

How to reach the Giardino della Minerva

From Salerno, walk along the Chiesa della Santissima Annunziata and then follow the only path made of stairs that will take you to the front door of the garden.