Artisanal Bonds: Craftsmanship and Yachting with Serena Spinucci in Lugano

Discover the insights of Instagram influencer Serena Spinucci providing inspiration, as she delves into her exciting projects with Milaner and her adventures in the world of yachting.


Welcome to our captivating journey through the inspiring narratives of Serena Spinucci, an entrepreneur now residing in Lugano. In this exclusive interview, Serena leads us into a vibrant dialogue on the essence of craftsmanship, weaving connections between Italy and the United States. Furthermore, she unveils the contours of her love and passion, perhaps inherited from her husband, for the enchanting world of yachting. Allow yourself to be carried away by these stories where art, tradition, and adventure converge to shape new and inspiring horizons.

1. Could you introduce yourself ?

Hello everybody! I’m Serena, I’m an Italian woman from the Marche region and I’m over forty (the real age is a secret… even if, giving a fast sneak peek to my Instagram profile – @serena.spinucci – you can find it out quite easily!)
However I still feel like a very young lady in many aspects of my life ! I’m a mom of 2 boys: Guido 15 yo and Vittorio 13 yo and happily married to Achille.
I love traveling, working out and spending my free time with my girl friends! I’m a straightforward person and I try to approach life with irony and practical sense!

2.  What inspired you to pursue a career in the luxury industry, particularly within the realms of yachting and fashion ?

A few years ago, one of my childhood friend, Elisa, invited me to be by her side as co-founder of a fashion start-up: it was the beginning of MILANER, a brand and e-commerce platform that attempts to bring luxury Italian and French artisans directly to the people, buying their products.

This business idea was born after my friend and I left Italy to live abroad and we recognized the appeal and singularity of Italy’s artisanal heritage.
About my love for the nautical world , I have first of all to thank my husband, a true yachting passionate! Secondly, it is also thanks to the fact that I was born and grew up in the Marche region of Italy. My hometown was a few kilometers away from the Adriatic coast and the sea has always been part of my life.

3. How do you stay inspired and keep your creative juices flowing in such a competitive world ?

Mainly working on Instagram, I spend a lot of my time on it, snooping around the other profiles and looking for inspiration. I also try to be on the ball with the latest fashion trends but I don’ t consider myself obsessed by them.

I would like people to think of me not so much as an influencer but as an inspirer! I like the idea of being able to inspire other people with my style and way of thinking!

Believe in your dreams

Serena Spinucci

4. Could you share a memorable experience of project that truly exemplifies the essence of luxury in your world ?

For sure Milaner has been my flagship: Elisa and I decided to give to the Italian and French artisans, the opportunity to look out to a new audience mainly based in the USA, showing their craftsmanship products and telling their business story. Storytelling is a fundamental component of Milaner, creating a real bond between the artisan and the buyer.

Indeed, these artisans are the same ones that make products for luxury names such as Prada, Bottega Veneta and Hermes and they always worked in the shadows of these emblazoned and famous brands.

Another great experience was also being part of the big family of The Sun Secret Collection, a travel service specializing in ultra-luxury family holidays, as a brand ambassador.

This experience allowed me to travel and show some of the most beautiful places and villas around the world. It was very fun and fascinating!

5. How do you manage to balance everything ? Family life, work, travel and instagram ?

Family first! It’s a common saying, but it means a lot to me! Being a very active person on  social media, especially on Instagram, sometime s it’s not easy finding the right compromise between the privacy of my family, my life and the curiosity of my followers that would like knowing every aspect of my life. Furthermore my kids and my husband aren’t so crazy about appearing in my posts, so I try to respect their privacy and I avoid putting them in the spotlight.
Only when we travel around the world, which is one of my great passions, they occasionally appear.

  6. When on searches your name, many article on Forbes among others come up, along with your villa for example. What success are you most proud of ?

For sure the article on Forbes made me very proud of myself! It was about MILANER that was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Last year Boat International, one of the most important magazine in the nautical world, interviewed me about the collaboration with Tommaso Spadolini, a well-respected Italian designer and naval architect. He gave to me and my husband his precious contribute to refit our motor yacht “Passepartout “. He made us so enthusiastic that we decided to entrust him the project of our new home in Lugano: a big and new challenge for him that evolved in an amazing final result. 

6. Having lived far from Italy and now residing in Lugano, Switzerland, do you miss your home country ?

Sure!! I miss my hometown but especially I miss my family ! And as soon as I can, I spend some time with my parents and my brother’s family!

7. What message would you give to young entrepreneurs ?

Always believe in your ideas! even if everything comes against you and tries to turn you down!!!
And most of all, believe in yourself!

8. Can you discuss the importance of craftsmanship and attention to detail in creating luxury experiences, whether it’s designing a yacht, villa or crafting a haute couture gown ?

I’m firmly convinced that Craftsmanship and attention to details are paramount in creating luxury experiences, given that they give to you the possibility to own a piece that is exclusively for you and carries the unique touch and personality of the artisan.

I can also personalize it, choosing materials, colors, accessories. Attention to detail ensures that each piece is one-of-a-kind. The contrary happens with mass produced goods. It’s a longer process of course, but it’s worth it! Whether it’s designing a yacht, a villa or a haute couture gown, these principles elevate luxury to an art form, leaving an indelible mark on those who experience it.

9. Is there a project underway that you would like to tell us about ?

At this moment I have a project underway, but I can’t speak about it yet!
However in my wish list there is also something with you Amelia!! Hope to create something together one day!